-Just a little bit about us…

In 2018, I was bored to tears working in an office job and just knew something had to change!  I had been a single mom for years and was stuck in fear of doing something uncertain.  The name of the shop had come to be years before with my best friend.  Nolan was my grandfather’s name and is the name of my daughter.  James is my best friend son’s middle name.  We were going to start this as an online boutique way before my daughter was born.  The road bump we faced was that she lived in Indiana and I lived in Tennessee. 

Fast forward, to the land of the cubicle and I found myself doodling the beginnings of Nolan James.  I asked my friend who worked with me to draw the little bird. The little bird symbolizes a momma bird watching over her babies. At the time, the start of the shop was my way to build a future in take care of my child. 

Nolan James began touring vendor markets every weekend of 2018.  In 2019, the shop went on a little break because we moved twice, and I got married!  At the beginning of 2020, I knew NJ had to be kick-started all over again.  There was a little shop in town that had just became open for rent and I jumped on it. 

Now in 2022, we are still in that little shop and so thankful for EVERY single day!  Thank you all for allowing us to continue to serve you!!