Hey! So glad you are here! How’s the day going?

Thanks for clicking on over here to learn a little more about us! My name is Melissa and this is my store. Welcome!

Back in 2018, I was a single mom, bored to tears in an office job. I knew something had to change, and a friend and I started talking about our own boutique. The road bump we faced was that she lived in Indiana, and I lived in Tennessee. Not ideal.

Fast forward to the land of the cubicle, and I found myself doodling the beginnings of Nolan James. I asked my friend who worked with me to draw the little bird. The little bird symbolizes a momma bird watching over her babies. At the time, this business was my way to build a legacy to take care of my child.

Nolan James Boutique About Us

Nolan James began touring vendor markets every weekend in 2018. In 2019, the shop went on a little break because we moved twice, and I got married! At the beginning of 2020, I knew I had to kick-start NJ all over again.

A little shop in town became open for rent, and I jumped on it. (Which opened in the middle of the pandemic! Our town was shut down when I originally tried to open!!)

Now in 2022, we are still in that little shop and so thankful for EVERY single day!

Our mission is to serve our community of customers by providing them with affordable, casual, and on-trend clothing.

We constantly ask our ladies what they want us to bring in and what issues they face when picking clothes. We are real women with real bodies, and in my case, big arms… oh, and we don’t wear crop tops.

We hope you come hang out with us, have some fun, and bring your hormones because, honey, we are all going through that right now, and hopefully, we will give you a laugh for the day!

Thanks for reading our story and being here!

Enjoy your shopping, Melissa